Gamma Laboratories

We are a Central American pharmaceutical company headquartered in El Salvador, with over 30 years of experience in the production and sale of human and veterinary pharmaceutical products in the regional market.
We proudly contribute to the local economy by providing employment to over 260 people and health to thousands of Central American families.

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We offer a wide variety of human products in various pharmaceutical forms. We manufacture prescription and over the counter products of the following lines: respiratory, nutritional, gastrointestinal, antibiotics, dermatological, analgesics and anti-inflammatory, antihistamines, neurological, antiparasitic, ophthalmic, anti-fungal, gynecological, antiseptic, antiviral, herbal and aromatic waters.
Our range of products includes veterinary medicines for large and small species, of the following categories: anabolic, antibiotics, anti-diarrheal, bactericides, fungicides, antiseptics, hemoparasitics, fungicidal, reagents, vitamins, and others.

Gamma Laboratories - El Salvador

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